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Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach Training™


"Marianna's coach training program provides so much value…(and) will guarantee that you will become a skillful coach while being challenged and growing in ways you never imagined!"

Carla Hutchins

" outstanding experience...collaborative, challenging and engaging. I walked away with the Skills and Business Acumen necessary to start my own Coaching Practice.”

 Martha Looney

"Teaching us at the master level is brilliant and adds tremendous value to our training. I would highly recommend you to others who want to go through the ICF certification training program”

 Audie Fridstein

“I loved (the) coach training so much that I had my daughter take it the next time Marianna offered it. It's extremely comprehensive and different from anything else I have taken.”

— Carol Mischke

"...the most enlightening professional development experience of my career… My coaching skills reached a new level of mastery in a very short amount of time…

— Carrie Salty

"It was really fantastic! I searched for months to find the right course at the right price which offered me everything I needed and (Marianna’s) course definitely fit the bill!”

 Sally Forsyth

"I feel lucky that I chose her course, among all courses… I strongly recommend her course (beginners to advanced) as it truly opens a horizon of skills and possibilities."

— Alexandre Merciris

"one of the best decisions in my life… we gained much more than ''just'' ACC level skills… I was looking forward to every class and I didn't want the course to be over.”

— Silvia Laczóová

"I am leaving with all of the tools necessary to hit the ground running with my coaching business… prices are extremely affordable and you get every single bit of your money's worth.”

— Lindsay Luttrell

“...absolutely fantastic and far exceeded any expectations…I can honestly say, there is no stone unturned, everything is covered. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself”

— Danielle Bragg

"I've taken a handful of coaching trainings and Marianna's has, by far, been the best. The thoroughness of the content is unmatched… I highly recommend Marianna's program”

— Beverly Sartain

"...a truly transformational experience… Even with previous coach training and experience, I learned so many new things about the coaching profession and how to be a masterful coach.“

— Karen Hochheiser

"The knowledge I have acquired and the skills that I have developed in such a short time is truly amazing. I am extremely proud to be a certified coach through the Goal Imagery® Institute”

— John M. Ward, Jr.

"I learned and grew so much in Marianna'so class! I'd highly recommend her program for anyone looking for masterful coaching...a truly holistic approach!”

— Sumner Gann
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This series of blogs is a demonstration of our collective commitment and love for coaching. Along with my alumni and students, we’ll be writing about how we can partner with our clients on creating a shift, a true transformation in their lives.

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