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  • Goal Imagery® method was created by Dr. Marianna Lead in 1998.
  • Goal Imagery Institute was founded by Dr. Lead in 2008.
  • Goal Imagery Institute is a truly holistic learning environment that taps the subconscious power of emotions and imagination to help you achieve your goals faster and easier.
  • All our workshops, seminars, and training programs unite thinking, feeling, being, and doing — while helping you discover the path you were meant to follow — for your personal growth as well as your professional success.

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What Our Students Say

Dr. Lead brings to the table advanced insight, wisdom and expertise.
As a colleague, and recipient of her coaching, she has enabled me to bring to the surface thinking and solutions that were stuck deep in my mind and otherwise consumed by “day to day” life. Dr. Lead speaks with purpose and clarity, with each and every word counting towards navigating the client through their thoughts, which is the ultimate spirit of coaching. Her questions are pivotal, and she has found a way to translate this talent into an outstanding class modality. As an experienced coach and OD practitioner I would put both my personal and professional reputation behind this class.

Jennifer F. Muccioli, MBA, Director, Development Coach, Ernst & Young

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Speaking, Coaching & Hypnosis Services

To learn about Dr. Marianna Lead's individual coaching and/or hypnotherapy services please visit her site at www.drlead.com . To invite Marianna to speak at your event or present a workshop, please call
917-371-9713 or email Marianna@DrLead.com

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